Our customers are mainly found in Sweden, but also throughout the rest of Europe. Many of the customers in turn deliver to end-users worldwide. We are a pure subcontractor, who mainly produce for other machine and process equipment suppliers.

The customers are active within various industries and what we manufacture is used in a variety of applications such as forklifts, ventilation, water purification, heat exchangers, food processing machines and pressure vessels. There are often very high requirements on the products, processes, delivery and documentation.

During 2013 we processed some 2000 tons of steel into products. That makes us one of the largest businesses in the region within laser cutting and bending.

Our customers appreciate our support throughout the process when needed. We are often told that they have great confidence in our manufacturing, quotation and order processing.

Within Sundet Industrier we also have extensive manufacturing for each other. In that way, the customers can get a complete service from one party but at same time can take advantage of every company’s expertise.